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Type of order Supported Platform Time in Force parameters
Limit  MT4, FIX FoK, IoC, GTC, GTD,GTT
Market  MT4, FIX FoK, IoC,GTC,GTT
OCO  FIX GTC, GTD, Day Order
Stop-Limit  FIX GTC, GTD, GTT
PEG  FIX GTC, GTD, Day Order
Stop  MT4, FIX GTC, GTD, Day Order
Trailing Stop  MT4 GTC, GTD
Iceberg  FIX FoK, GTD
We ensure you get the price you request from us via  our best-in-class price/order matching algorithm.With little to no imbalance in buyers & sellers positions, Clients participate in building a portion of our liquidity through their limit orders.
” IoC ” (immediate or Cancel) orders are executed up to the maximum  volume available in order-book  & the best part is,it cancels an order  immediately if there’s insufficient liquidity  to trigger the order fully & the trade will not be opened.

 *Best execution needs utmost liquidity.Through 10-levels of market depth & order-book, you have real-time insights that  help you get the best fills for your orders which is a must for EA’s & scalping.

To ensure the highest flow of liquidity for traders we have put together various
reputable Liquidity Providers that provide executable quotes.

“Last look execution” is a common used term which refers  to a practice where the banks that serve as the liquidity providers have a chance to take a look at the trade before execution to see if the trade order should be filled or not.At our Trading Venue, such practices are not permitted, so all market participants are treated as equal and have the same possibilities to make profit. In case liquidity providers are not willing to offer narrow spreads other traders can cross them and place better bids or offers on a given instrument.
As a result, LPs or any other market participants do not have any superiority to manage their risks and increase their profitability over retail traders. We have eliminated such privileges and monopoly of large financial institutions and have created a level playing field for all.

In our Trading-Venue, you can participate in an open order-book. It means that all traders can see their own orders and these orders are fully tradable (executable) for other market participants. Consequently, this concept is allowing clients’ orders to reduce spreads for other market participants and for themselves as they are able to execute trades not only with various LPs’ orders in the matching engine but also with other retail traders.

The exchange execution model is the most efficient, cost effective and transparent way to trade liquid financial instruments such as retail or spot FX. The exchange model for Forex addresses many concerns of traditional Forex market through recent development of matching-engine technology, which allows seamless connectivity and access between clients with FIX compliant trading systems (MT4 and others) and to internal liquidity providers.

As Forex is slowly shifting towards transparent and accessible for everyone trading venues. Our aim is to speed up this transition and become a significant place for effective and transparent FX Trading.

Trading on Stock-Exchange is different on a few levels from trading with most FX brokers, especially form the ones which are dealing-desk/market-makers(which ,most brokers are these days ,behind the scene)For example in our matching engine all orders are executed according to strict price/time priority algorithm which means that orders with better price are always executed at first place.
What We tried to arrange is a stock exchange like trading venue for retail Forex, that may solve many problems of existing Forex market which is fragmented, decentralized and often your Forex provider is in conflict with its clients.

While cutting trading costs multiple times, we make traders sure of the followings :

Extremely high-processing capacity

One of the most stable environments

 End-user  friendly & utmost reliability

High-end server-side setups

Seamless builds



  • Latency
  • >30ms
  • Execution Speed
  • 50,000/sec
  • Market-Depth
  • upto10level
  • Connectivity
  • allfixcompliant platforms


Some of our partnerships & features

A Unique Approach To “E-trading”

      • An innovative  setup that is  specially optimized for high-volume dealers ,high-frequency scalpers,automated trading tools & news-traders.
      • Deep institutional grade liquidity  ensures smooth trading ,no slippages ,best spreads & no-rejections.
      • Extremely light-weight,robust & ultra-fast web-based trading platform with one-Click trading,complex order types,real-time market depth,advanced technical analysis & much more.You can trade on any mobile device that only supports HTML-5.
      • Multi-lingual support team available for your assistance 24/7.We address your requests & inquiries in a strict timely manner.
      • Multiple methods of transactions through various PCI-DSS compliant E-Wallets & banking channels.
      • Utmost transparency from your broker’s side, no hidden terms & conditions.
      • No restrictions or limitations put on your trading practices.Only you decide how you want to  trade & generate profits.

Our Cross-Connected Liquidity-Pool Consists